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100% Queensland

Stanbroke cattle are born in the gulf region of Queensland and raised on rich pastures of Flinders and Mitchell grass. Stanbroke’s network of stations covers 1.6 million hectares, so cattle have the space to roam free. Stanbroke are committed to preserving the pristine nature of this environment, with continual measures for sustainable land use.

In Stanbroke’s state of the art feedlot cattle are fed a carefully prepared mix of grains, grown in the Darling Downs. The feed is specifically designed for delicious flavour and to meet our precise marbling requirements. Stanbroke’s cattle are carefully selected and continually monitored to ensure they meet exacting standards.

Stanbroke’s processing plant, Establishment 203 sets world standards in equipment, methods and technology. It’s location is ideal – Lockyer Valley is a clean rural environment that’s only 90 minutes from Brisbane.

Premium quality, locally sourced beef, means at Black Hide Steakhouse you enjoy the freshest, best tasting product, delivered with minimal transportation time. A more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach.

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100% HALAL

Both Stanbroke and Black Hide Steakhouse take pride in high quality control and standards. Stanbroke is one of few accredited globally for Halal meat production. So we can proudly say that:

All Beef at Black Hide is 100% HALAL  

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Stanbroke Angus

Stanbroke Angus is sourced from the finest verified Angus genetics available.

Stanbroke Angus beef comes from verified Angus cattle for consistent marbling and flavour. The cattle graze on natural pastures for most of their lives before moving onto a customised grain fed ration for up to 120 days with no animal by-products. It is this combination of breed, pristine pastures and careful diet that has inspired chefs around the world to create some of their finest meals.

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Stanbroke Wagyu

Stanbroke Wagyu is sourced from the finest Japanese Wagyu genetics available.

They’re grazed naturally for the majority of their lives before moving to carefully prepared rations including Australian wheat and barley. Throughout, the cattle enjoy a natural vegetarian diet, free of any added hormonal growth promotants with no animal by-products.

It is this unique combination of the best breeds, a pristine environment and careful rearing that results in the exceptional marbling, tenderness and flavour sought out by the finest restaurants around the world.

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Stanbroke Organic

Stanbroke Organic comes from Stanbroke’s own Establishment 203, recognised as Australia’s leading certified organic beef processing facility.

The organic beef served at Black Hide Steakhouse is both raised and processed 100% organically.

The cattle are grazed locally, on what is some of the world’s most pristine, natural pastures. And they are fed on the most nutrient-rich organic grasses, with no animal by-products, no hormone growth promotants and no antibiotic additives.

So the result? A superbly natural, clean flavour that fully deserves its reputation as Australia’s finest organic beef.

Black Hide’s Organic Beef is 100% certified organic by internationally recognised bodies NASAA and USDA Organic.

Select Cut: Eye Fillet 200gm, pasture fed, certified organic.

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